Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

This website and all of its contents hereunder, are strictly for the use of AGENTS and ADVISORS appointed with carriers through Cavalier Insurance Marketing Services, LLC. This site is NOT FOR CONSUMER USE. The material contained in this site is composed of information created by Cavalier Insurance Marketing Services as well as provided by third parties. The purpose of the information provided on this site is to provide Advisors with a reference to products, and other information. Cavalier Insurance Marketing Services makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of information provided on this site, however, DOES NOT GUARANTEE the accuracy of information provided on this site and is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS AND OMISSIONS. All information should be verified by the Advisor using this site.


Cavalier Insurance Marketing Services Privacy Policy

Cavalier Insurance Marketing Services, LLC (Cavalier Insurance Marketing Services) strongly believes in protecting the confidentiality and security of information we collect about individuals and entities (Applicants) who use our services to obtain insurance coverage. The material below describes our privacy policy and describes how we treat the information we receive about applicants if they or their agents become a current or former customer, or use our services to apply for any of our or our carriers’ products or services.


Why We Need to Know About Applicants for Insurance Coverage

We need to know about applicants for insurance coverage so that we can facilitate the acquisition of the insurance coverage and other products and services of which they’ve applied. We may also need information from their agent(s) and others to help us verify their identity in order to prevent money laundering and terrorism.

What we need to know about them includes their address, age and other basic information. But we may have to know more about them, including their finances, employment, health, hobbies or business they conduct.


How We Learn About Applicants for Insurance Coverage

What we know about applicants we get mostly from them. But either Cavalier Insurance Marketing Services and/or our represented insurance carriers may also have to find out more about applicants from other sources in order to make sure that what we know about Applicants is correct and complete. Those sources may include Applicants’ adult relatives, employers, consumer reporting agencies, health care providers and others. Some of our sources may give us reports, and they may disclose what they know about Applicants to others.


How We Protect What We Know About Applicants

We treat what we know about Applicants confidentially. Our employees are told to take care in handling Applicant’s information. They may get information about Applicants only when there is a good reason to do so. We take steps to make our computer data bases secure and to safeguard the information we have about Applicants.


How We Use and Disclose What We Know About Applicants

We may use anything we know about Applicants to help us serve Applicants better. We may use it, and disclose it to our affiliated insurance carriers and others, for any purpose allowed by law. For instance, we and our represented insurance carriers may use Applicant’s information, and disclose it to others, in order to:

  • Help us evaluate Applicants request for an insurance carrier product or service
  • Help us process applications for coverage and other transactions
  • Confirm or correct what we know about Applicants
  • Help us prevent fraud, money laundering, terrorism and other crimes by verifying what we know about Applicants
  • Help us run our business
  • Process data for us
  • Perform research for us
  • Audit our business

Other reasons we may disclose what we know about Applicants include:

  • Doing what a court or government agency requires us to do; for example, complying with a search warrant or subpoena
  • Telling another company what we know about Applicants, provided we have the appropriate written permission to do so
  • Giving information to the government so that it can decide whether Applicants may get benefits that it will have to pay for
  • Telling Applicants health care provider about a medical problem that Applicants have but may not be aware of
  • Giving Applicants information to someone who has a legal interest in Applicants’ insurance, such as someone who lent Applicants money and holds a lien on Applicants policy
  • When we disclose information to others to perform business services for us, they are required to take appropriate steps to protect this information. And they may use the information only for the purposes of performing those business services.


How Applicants Can See and Correct Applicant’s Information

We will work with an applicant to facilitate the Applicant’s desire to review what we and/or the carrier for which the Applicant applied for coverage know about the Applicant if the Applicant asks us in writing. (Because of its legal sensitivity, we will not show Applicants anything that we learned in connection with a claim or lawsuit.) If Applicants tell us that what we and/or one of our represented carriers know about the Applicant is incorrect, we will review it. If we agree with the Applicant, we will correct our records and notify the carrier of which the applicant applied for coverage. If we do not agree with the Applicant, the Applicant may tell us in writing, and we will include the Applicant’s statement when we give the Applicant’s information to anyone outside our company.


Applicants May Have Additional Rights Under Other Privacy Laws

In addition to any other privacy notice we may provide, federal law has established privacy standards and requires our carriers to provide a summary of their privacy policy to their customers once each year. Individuals may have additional rights under other applicable laws.


How Applicants Can Get Other Material From Us

If Applicants want to know more about our privacy policy generally, please contact us through our form, or write to Cavalier Insurance Marketing Services, LLC, 350 Townsgate Blvd, Suite 350, Westlake Village, CA 91361.



Preserving trust is a core value. We recognize that you expect us to protect the information you provide us and to use it responsibly. We are strongly committed to fulfilling the trust that is the foundation of your expectations. For that reason, we have adopted and adhere to the following policy regarding the privacy of your nonpublic personal information and personally identifiable information (collectively Nonpublic Personal Information).



We may collect Nonpublic Personal Information from you or others, including your name, address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, Social Security Number, other information that permits us to contact or communicate with you, information about your financial situation including your employment or occupation, salary, assets, insurance and investment transactions, banking information, and other financial and tax information you may elect to supply to us.



We collect this Nonpublic Personal Information through various sources, including:

  • Information we receive from you on new account forms, fact-finding questionnaires, product and service applications, and other forms;
  • Information we receive from you, in writing, electronically, through the telephone, or through our website, when you communicate with us, or request information about our products and services;
  • Your transactions with us, our affiliates, and those product sponsors with whom we have selling agreements or other arrangements for the provision of services to you;
  • Consumer reporting agencies; and
  • Affiliated and unaffiliated product sponsors with whom we have selling relationships and whose products you own.



As permitted by law and as outlined in this policy, we disclose Nonpublic Personal Information to affiliates and unaffiliated third parties that provide services to us or with whom we have contractual relationships in order that we may carry out your directions and effectively and efficiently service your account. Examples of third parties with whom we may share your Nonpublic Personal Information include:

  • Insurance companies, and other product sponsors in order to execute your insurance purchases and sales and to allow for the servicing of your accounts;
  • Companies providing account performance and/or reporting services on your accounts;
  • Banks and other financial institutions where our Agents and Advisors are located and with who we have arrangements for the marketing and sale of our products and services;
  • Companies that provide services to us to assist with the maintenance of required books and records or to facilitate client mailings or publications on our behalf;
  • State, Federal, and other regulatory and self-regulatory authorities as required by law or regulation;
  • Other companies, associations, agencies, third parties, and institutions that provide services to us in order that we may more effectively and efficiently service your account; and those companies, associations, agencies, third parties, and institutions with which we or our Agents and Advisors are licensees, registrants, or Members. Where we share your Nonpublic Personal Information with third parties for the purposes noted above, we ensure that there are contractual agreements with the third party prohibiting their use and disclosure of that information for any purpose other than to carry out the purposes for which you disclosed the information or that such third party is prohibited by law from further sharing your information (such as regulators). Except under the circumstances outlined above, we will not share Nonpublic Personal Information with affiliated or unaffiliated third parties concerning our current or former customers for marketing purposes or otherwise.



We have security policies and procedures reasonably designed to prevent unauthorized use or access to your Nonpublic Personal Information. In addition to your Agents and Advisors and his or her office, your information is available to employees for various business purposes, such as processing or servicing transactions, and those fulfilling compliance, legal or audit functions. Our computer systems utilize password protection to prevent access by unauthorized personnel, and we employ other physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to ensure the protection of your Nonpublic Personal Information in accordance with state and federal privacy regulations.



When we make material amendments to our Privacy Policy we will post an appropriate notice on our website. In addition, we may send you an amended version of our Privacy Policy through the mail.