Coffee: The Way to Your Prospects’ Hearts

Coffee: The Way to Your Prospects’ Hearts

America runs on coffee.

It’s the most popular beverage in the country. According to Euromonitor, Americans imbibed 88.8 gallons of coffee person in 2016, while drinking only 33.5 gallons of bottled water. We love our coffee.

Many advisors invite potential clients for a drink during the prospecting stage, but that has a downside. Day drinking can get you funny looks, and a boozy lunch will certainly lead to lowered productivity when you get back to the office. There’s always a chance that your potential client doesn’t drink, in which the invitation might fall flat. So what’s the alternative? A cup of America’s favorite beverage. 

Inviting someone to meet for coffee is a low-key way to get together on neutral ground. If you’re working on expanding a social relationship into a business relationship, a coffeehouse is a non-threatening space for the conversation. Your office could be intimidating, and meeting at theirs could be awkward. If you’re meeting a client at their office, try bringing coffee. It’s an act of consideration that could win you points for thoughtfulness.

Wine can be intimidating, but coffee is everyone’s friend. It’s easy to understand. If you visit a potential client, ask where you can get a good coffee in the area. They’ll certainly have an opinion and you might even find yourselves walking to a coffee shop together.  It’s always a good idea to have your own local too; when you establish yourself as a regular you can sit at the counter and make conversation with other patrons. Soon they’ll be asking what you do and then you’re off to the races.

Coffee makes a great holiday gift too. Choose an interesting blend, or several for a gift basket. Coffee accessories are great too.  Don’t forget mugs with your firm’s logo. Put them in the gift basket, and serve clients coffee in your mugs during meetings. If they mention they like the mug, have a boxed pair ready for them to take home. Seeing your logo first thing in the morning will keep you top of mind.

Another way to reach out to prospect is to send a copy of an article about new coffee shops, or how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Coffee is a great thing for advisors; almost everyone loves it, it’s much less expensive to invite clients for coffee, and it’s a non-threatening way to get face time with potential clients. 

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