Tips on Becoming a Master of Marketing

Tips on Becoming a Master of Marketing

Our featured article offers nine solid tips to help busy businesspeople maximize their marketing efforts.

Let’s jump right into it.

First, you need a plan. Don’t just throw random content at your audience – it’ll lack focus and you won’t grab them. Carefully consider the right time for posting new items. When does your audience like to read your material: over breakfast, late in the evening, or during the busier part of the workday? It’s crucial to understand how well your content is delivering in terms of sales, leads or whatever benchmark you’ve chosen to measure performance (and we hope you’ve got these set).

Writing style is a touchy point with many professionals – they’ve got the ideas but aren’t sure how to express them. The best way is to write naturally, the way you speak. This doesn’t mean yammering on and on or throwing around slang – and watch your language, there’s a bad trend towards blue talk in blogposts and it sounds infantile. Write naturally, like you’re talking to your audience personally and you’ll come across as authentic and knowledgeable – just like you really are.

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Automation is a favorite keyword these days and there’s plenty of apps – some of them free – to help you plan and execute an efficient marketing strategy. Robots alone won’t do it, though, and if there’s a particular task that’s taking up too much of your time, consider outsourcing to specialists or hire your own expert.

Take the example of Tweeting – it’s simple enough in concept but drives some business owners batty. There’s plenty of creative young go-getters out there ready to take the burden off your back and get exciting results.

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