It’s More than Just Leads

It’s More than Just Leads

These days, the talk is all about lead generation on Facebook.

The right mix of targeting, message and imagery can result in prospect meetings. It’s easy to get worked up about leads, but you can pursue other Facebook strategies too. Some people think these other strategies might even be more effective.

More affluent prospects look at things like thought leadership strategies, and typically use the Internet for secondary research. They are not terribly likely to fill out lead generation forms. But your social media strategy can help you get attention

Lead generation is the most expensive goal you can have for Facebook. You put your messaging in front of thousands and thousands of people and hope that someone takes the bait. But what happens when getting your message out is the only objective? Here are some benefits that come from awareness and thought leadership strategies for Facebook.

A good first impression means everything. Once making a good first impression came from offering a firm handshake, but now it’s much more. Today people have a first impression from your online presence long before they meet you. Your business web site, your social media posts and your advertisements all need to exhibit a high level of professionalism.

A large online following provides something called social proof. Dr. Robert Cialdini, in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, popularized this theory. In essence, it means that a prospect who sees that many other people like and follow you will have a higher opinion of your practice.

Your online presence can significantly raise the awareness level for your practice. It’s no longer just advertising that builds awareness, and you don’t need a massive advertising budget to make sure you’re at the top of everyone’s mind.

A strong social media presence that includes valued added content will build your reputation as a thought leader. If your competitors post simple advertisements while you post value added financial content, you will definitely be viewed as more of a leader in your field.

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