How to Get a Faster Decision from Prospects

How to Get a Faster Decision from Prospects

The affluent prospect rarely makes decisions in isolation.

There may be a spouse, parents or children who are weighing in as well, and a final decision demands buy-in from one and all.

With this in mind, it’s important to have all the decision-makers involved during the sales process. If you develop a rapport with everyone and make sure that the whole family is actively participating, you’ll avoid the dreaded “let me talk it over with my husband/wife/father/dog” and get back to you. That kind of scenario is sure to gum up the works.

Think about how the proposal meeting works. The decision-makers are going to need privacy to talk over everything they’ve heard. You might tell them to go home and think things over, but that gets them out of your orbit and into a place where they can let the issue slide or simply get distracted by the business of life. When you’ve just presented, you are at the moment of peak influence. Therefore, giving them some private time to think in your office is a clever strategy.

Once you’ve made the proposal, strategically excuse yourself. Perhaps you have some materials you would like to share with them, or you need to check some facts with a colleague… Make an excuse and get the heck out. They may not be ready to sign on the dotted line every time, but they may be more confident of the direction they’d like to take. They may also be more open to discussing concerns or asking questions.

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