The Best Smart Speakers for Alexa and Google

The Best Smart Speakers for Alexa and Google

Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana are taking up residence in more American households than ever, and if you’re lucky another to have one of these “smart” assistants to make your life a little easier you’ll want to make sure you can hear every blessed word.

But which smart speaker is best for your needs? What features are important? Music quality? Will it play Spotify? Does it need to connect to other gadgets? Below are a few suggestions for the best smart speakers on the market, as compiled by the experts at Wired.

The best overall choice is the Sonos One, which you can buy for $200 on Amazon. According to Wired, the Sonos sets the bar in a number of areas, with the best sound quality, multi-room audio and smart home compatibility. In terms of audio, the Sonos is pretty much untouchable. The Apple HomePod may come close, but at twice the price better to get a second Sonos. This speaker can connect to more than 65 different music services and works with about everything except Audible. It’s also the only speaker than can pair with a lot of other speakers and join a home theater setup. Since it supports Alexa, it connects to most smart home devices as well. In 2018, it’s to be updated to support Google Home as well.

The best portable speaker is the JBL Link 20, $200 on the JBL site or at Walmart. Of all the smart speakers, its convenience and usability compensated for the lesser sound quality compared to the Sonos One.  This baby is waterproof and you can float it in the pool! It also has handy indicator lights to show battery life and wifi signal strength. This is particularly useful in a speaker you’ll be moving around. It’s also super easy to pair with Bluetooth. It pairs with Google Assistant, which is better than Alexa in many ways. Setup is also super easy; all you have to do is download Google Home and Bob’s your uncle. The speaker is compatible with Google apps and Spotify, Pandora and YouTube Music.

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