The One Thing You’re Doing Every Day that Damages Your Brain

The One Thing You’re Doing Every Day that Damages Your Brain

We all do it, and the more devices we accumulate, the more we do it. We multitask.

Even as I’m writing this article, I’ll stop to check my email, and I might even have a wander onto the Web if I get any ideas while I’m writing. At least I don’t have the television on as well – at least right now.

But there’s disturbing news for us multitaskers. Turns out the University of Sussex has discovered that it’s bad for the brain. According to these scientists, regular multitaskers have lower brain density in the areas of the brain responsible for empathy, cognitive control and emotional control. It might be making us less flexible in our thinking and less capable of controlling emotions or moods. That’s not good. These are things we really don’t want to have any less of.

There are a few things we can do to improve the situation. First, don’t be a slave to the ping of the email. Set aside specific times that you will respond, for example the last 15 minutes of every hour. The idea is to avoid constant response and become a batch responder instead.

Making a list of everything you need to do and carrying on methodically eases pressure and stress. If you’ve identified and stored the tasks that need attention, you allow your brain to relax.

It’s also best to isolate yourself insofar as you can, when you’re working on a project that requires considerable focus. Let your colleagues know you will be out-of-pocket for a specified period, physically remove yourself from distractions, shut your email, turn off your phone, and focus.

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