Make Content Marketing Work for You

Make Content Marketing Work for You

Many advisors look at their digital content with concern, fearing that it’s too generic and fails to differentiate their businesses.

And it can be a challenge to create a compelling digital footprint that builds brand and fosters differentiation.

At the same time, compelling digital content is vital to any business, not just an advisor’s. The affluent population bristles with smartphones, iPads, laptops and devices of all sorts. And for an independent advisor, the brand is YOU.

Of potential clients, 95% will conduct a Google search when considering hiring a new advisor. As many as three-quarters say that online presence plays a huge role in their decision-making process. What this mean is that advisors need to spend time and thought to create content that will pique interest and build excitement for their brand. And when the content is created, the advisor needs a strategy to disseminate it through various social media channels.

Content marketing isn’t a value proposition, your wealth management process or the experience your team offers. Content marketing involves providing useful and actionable information and educating clients. You want to give away useful information but not enough to replace the clients’ need for you.

Find the financial topics that interest your clients and are timely. Give enough relevant points to capture attention but leave them wanting more. Then they’ll need to hear from an expert like you. And you can optimize your digital presence and what clients find through search engines by aligning your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Affluent clients find online advertising annoying. However, they’re very open to tailored content that offers value and engages them. They regularly seek out experts online when they are looking for information, and they will regularly follow the experts they discover.

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