Words that Should Never Appear in Your LinkedIn Profile

Words that Should Never Appear in Your LinkedIn Profile

Every day, people judge us not only by the content of our characters and the essence of our words, but by the very words we choose as well.

For example, I was once trapped in a meeting run by a woman who used dialogue as a verb!  Indeed, her language was so peppered with jargon and corporate speak that I was challenged to focus on the content of her speech. Dialogue was the last straw. A red mist fell over my eyes, and I envisioned myself rising up like an Old Testament avenging angel to wallop her over the head with my laptop.

As a writer, I’m perhaps inordinately picky about the use of language. But corporate jargon and buzzwords tend to annoy a lot of people, including people you want to impress, for example, other professionals who might be having a squint at your LinkedIn profile. Here are some words you might like to avoid.

Dialogue as a verb – we’ve already discussed this one. DON’T make me come at you with the laptop.

Strategic – everyone uses it, but it’s vague and it’s lazy. Use it only if it’s part of your title.

Unique – Yes, aren’t we all. Seriously though, most of our products and most of what we do don’t fit the definition.

Metrics – it’s a fancy word for goals that you use to sound smarter. Doesn’t work. Drop it.

Solution – Good God, this one is everywhere and usually means a product or service. Try saying “product” or “service.”

Best-of-breed – People, it’s not a dog show. Plus, if you’re talking about your own skills, it’s pretty presumptuous.

Leverage and utilize – “Use” works just as well most of the time. If you “used” something in a clever way, discuss the action using specifics.

Results-driven – What, most professionals don’t care about results? Detail-oriented and deadline-driven are similar candidates for the delete key.

These words are generally fancy ways of trying to say something that is obvious. Get rid of the jargon and tell your story with relevant examples and specific description of your achievements.

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