Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday

The happy days are here again – it’s time to head home, kick back on the sofa, belly up to the dinner table and let yourself go. No more worries, at least for a time.

Nothing to do but recall happy memories, catch up with family and friends and stuff yourself silly with your favorite comfort foods. Tomorrow never comes, right?

But hang on… haven’t you been working your tail off all year to get your health on track? How many long hours have you spent at the gym building your stamina, boosting your strength and shrinking your waistline? What happened to your goals? Can you safely throw away all that you’ve earned to have a happy holiday?

Within reasonable limits, sure – it’s time for comfort and joy. But what you don’t want is to create a new holiday memory about the time you started your slide down the grimy slope from a vital, energetic life into your old slothful ways. Yeah, that would bring on the holiday cheer.

There’s a few simple things you can do. First, remind yourself of your goals. Why did you want to get healthy, fit and slim in the first place? Keep an eye on your prize. When facing big-holiday temptations, don’t go it alone. Some of your pals are almost surely in the same boat. Encourage each other. Go for a run together. Maybe even sign up for a short-term membership at a local gym. With a little effort, you can take time off from your mega-healthy lifestyle without sacrificing all that you’ve achieved.

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