Just When You Thought Flying into the US Couldn’t Get Any More Annoying

Just When You Thought Flying into the US Couldn’t Get Any More Annoying

In an attempt to defend against the scourge of international terrorism, new requirements are being introduced for air passengers entering the United States.

While the exact measures have not been formally announced, some early feedback has unsurprisingly been replete with traveler complaints.

It goes without saying that these new measures will require additional security screening, meaning that it will take longer for people to board the plane.  Accordingly, U.S. air-carrier Delta Air Lines advised all passengers bound for the States to arrive at the airport a minimum of three hours before their flight is destined to take off.

So far it looks as if these new steps focus on asking more rigorous questions, to include checking the traveler’s itinerary, as well as conducting a more robust inspection of their electronic equipment. Carry-on bags have also come under increased scrutiny, and their physical inspections have markedly increased in frequency and thoroughness.

Airports around the world have been adding staff to accommodate these additional requirements for US bound flights. While there are no overt directives to question every single passenger, the new security measures will likely take aim at people who have been traveling to places that are known hotbeds of terrorism. Some people who have already gone through these new questions have reported inquiries such as “who packed your bag” and “where was the bag packed”.

It remains to be seen exactly when all of these new screenings will be introduced world-wide, with many international airliners reporting that they are not being mandated to enact the measures until next year. Another concern is how long these measures will remain in effect. For example, a previous ban on laptops and handheld electronic devices on flights originating from terrorist prone countries has already largely fallen by the wayside after CT scanning technology was put into place.

Until more details emerge, we will remain guessing just how big of an impact, if any, these will make on air travel. Until then, everyone who is U.S. bound must endure a longer wait at the airport.

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