Office Habits that Can Destroy Morale

Office Habits that Can Destroy Morale

Everyone has habits, both good and bad.

While you may do your best to ensure that these tendencies don’t have consequences for others, inevitably certain behaviors will affect those around you. This can be especially true in your workspace, and this spillover-effect may take place even if you are not fully aware of what you are doing.  Although it is highly encouraged to develop good habits, for example complimenting someone when you sincerely meant the compliment, other habits can drag down the most efficient of teams. Without trying to be overly negative, here are some of the worst habits to bring into the office:

If you lack consistency, you need to change this in a hurry.  Almost all people are creatures of habit, especially when it comes to work.  Being consistent is multi-faceted, and is therefore applicable to almost everything you do.  This quality ranges from the way you speak with your team members, to what you expect from them, to setting up a schedule.

Being committed isn’t a vague, abstract notion; it is crucial to always do what you say you are going to do.  Perhaps you could get away with not following through on your promise once or even twice, but by the time you get to the third fail, you can expect widespread disdain.  Remember that before you commit to something, think it through.  Ask yourself if you will genuinely have both the time and the energy to devote to the proposed task.  Otherwise, it’s better to sit quietly on the sidelines.

Complaining, or even passively listening to someone else complaining, can be the dearth of office morale. Of course, everyone feels the need to vent on occasion, and this can actually be quite healthy. However, if you allow this regular airing of grievances to become commonplace, expect to hear a complaint every time you go to refill your coffee mug.  

Regularly being late is one of the more obvious ways to chip away at team motivation. It conveys a sense that the task at hand isn’t that important, or if you are a director, that your time is more valuable than everyone else who bothered to show up on schedule. This same notion of punctuality extends to completing assignments on time.  Even if your work is otherwise perfect, you will be needlessly denying yourself the recognition you deserve by not hitting that deadline.

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