The Best Broker Dealer Channel for Elite Advisors

The Best Broker Dealer Channel for Elite Advisors

Not infrequently, independent advisors are faced with clients who are reluctant to sign with them due to their size.

Clients often derive a sense of security from the size of the firm they deal with. But there is an argument to be made that it’s the status of the advisor, rather than the size of the firm that truly matters.

Indeed, elite advisors have much more in common with each other no matter what their firm, and their respective broker/dealer channels are less of an issue. This is because elite advisors share certain key characteristics that differentiate them from other advisors.

Elite advisors are ambitious. They set big and challenging goals for themselves and don’t hesitate to step outside their comfort zones to do what is necessary to achieve these goals.  

Elite advisors are disciplined. The elite advisor will do what needs to be done, and will not be detailed by doubts or any other feelings. Their discipline is fueled by their ambition, and they have a strong work ethic.

Elite advisors are self-aware. They know what they’re good at, and they understand where their weaknesses lie. When they identify a weakness, they strive to correct it and will not allow it to interfere with their objectives. They make no excuses.

Elite advisors are deliberate in taking time to practice. They always take the initiative to correct any weakness and they are willing to put in the work. The single-minded determination in eliminating weaknesses is key in propelling them to new heights.

Since these are the qualities that set elite advisors apart from the pack, it’s obvious why the b/d channel becomes less relevant.

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