Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Almost everyone will openly admit that they wish they had an ideal physique; those who aren’t so open are either lying or are in denial.

We are constantly inundated with amazing stories about the newest miracle diet that will have you ready for the beach in a matter of weeks, or we hear about an amazing new yoga program used by the stars that are getting ready for their next big Hollywood role. While there is endless debate surrounding these programs and fads, sometimes it is better to focus on the basics. When it comes to regulating your weight, the rate your metabolism operates at is as basic as it gets.

While a significant part of your metabolic rate is dictated by things beyond your control, such as genetics, age and gender, there are many steps you can take in adjusting it.  While most suggestions hone in on more dramatic results, which obviously entail considerably more effort, there are ways to make easy, micro-adjustments that will ultimately pay off.

According to a 2014 study conducted by researchers at the National Institutes of Health, calories can be burned simply by sleeping in a cool room. After subjects spent the night in a 66-degree room for four weeks using only light pajamas and bed sheets, they not only burned more calories but increased their brown fat proportionality.  Additionally, the volunteers in this experiment displayed an increased rate of glucose metabolism.

Admittedly, spending the night in a cool room is not the most appealing way to trim some fat. If you prefer something hot, try pouring yourself a cup of coffee. Studies have shown a link between caffeine and an increase in metabolic activity, as well as a potentially lower rate of type 2 diabetes. Be sure to note that you will gain the biggest benefits from black coffee, otherwise the addition of cream and sugar will increase your caloric intake.

Are you interested in another “hot” way to melt away fat? Try adding some spice to your life, and to your food.  Capsacian has been linked to modest amounts of fat loss by temporarily elevating your body temperature.  If spicy chili peppers aren’t your thing, try adding some pungent-flavored foods such as horseradish or mustard to your favorite dishes, as these contain substances known as isothiocyanates, which have likewise been shown to give metabolisms a boost.  

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