How Coffee Can Affect Your Body

How Coffee Can Affect Your Body

Some people would rather be set on fire than give up their coffee.

Indeed, giving up coffee is a non-starter for a large segment of the population. Not only does the caffeine get you going in the morning, the soothing ritual of that first cup of the day is too good to miss.

Many studies have shown that coffee is full of good things like antioxidants and polyphenols. However, these substances can be found in plenty of fruits and vegetables. Studies have also shown that coffee can play a role in preventing cancer, diabetes, depression, cirrhosis, and gallstones.

Everyone reacts differently to coffee. Some people get nervous, while others just feel great. A lot of coffee drinkers report feeling good for the first two hours after a cup of coffee (due to a dopamine spike), but find their energy and mental acuity dropping later. Coffee is metabolized in Phase 1 of the liver detoxification path, and some people have a harder time breaking it down than others. This can be evident immediately, in the jitters, or later, in poor sleep and digestive troubles.

For people who have thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s disease, adrenal fatigue or other hormonal issues, it’s important to know about the other effects coffee can have.

Among the negatives is that it can increase blood sugar, which is dangerous for those with hypoglycemia. They can feel jittery, moody and unfocused when hungry. When blood sugar fluctuates, it can cause cortisol to spike, exhausting the adrenals and throwing off the immune system. This is bad for those with thyrod disorders, and cortisol spikes are also inflammatory.

When any of these things happen, blood sugar falls and an emergency boost becomes necessary to bring blood sugar back up. This is why people who drink coffee at breakfast find themselves craving sugar and carbs around 11 am.

Coffee can also contribute to acid reflux, exhaust the adrenals, and impact the absorption of synthetic thyroid hormones prescribed for those with thyroid disorders.

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