Eat to Beat a Hangover

Eat to Beat a Hangover

There are few things more miserable than a hangover.

You’re enjoying drinks with friends, having a great time, and the next thing you know it’s the morning after. You wake up longing for the sweet release of death.

Hangover symptoms include fatigue, dehydration, a pounding headache, muscle aches suggesting that you’ve been dragged across a rocky field behind a team of draft horses, shakiness, trembling, and frequently a very upset stomach.

Research shows that the immune system and an inflammatory response are triggered when the blood alcohol concentration reaches zero.  Indeed, this is when we feel the worst. While you should be mindful of what you eat and drink in order to prevent hangovers, there are certain things you can eat to feel better. We all have our own special hangover cures – one friend of mine swears by McDonald’s plain hamburgers, while another favors sushi.

The type of alcohol consumed can have a big impact on the hangover. Dark liquors contain compounds known as congeners, which are linked to increased hangover symptoms. Lighter alcohols have fewer congeners and consequently cause less hangover trouble.  Naturally, the quantity of alcohol enjoyed has a big impact on the severity of the hangover. Drinking on an empty stomach also makes things worse.

Research has shown that drinking can deplete the body’s store of certain vitamins. Vitamin A can be found in eggs, meat and orange-and yellow-colored vegetables. Maybe this is why a greasy breakfast with sweet potato fries makes some people feel better.  Proteins like chicken help replace B vitamins. Avocados and bananas can offer a helpful boost of potassium, while drinking a lot of water can help rehydrate you.  Drinking water can also be a helpful preventive measure, and having a glass between alcoholic drinks can help stave off morning-after suffering.

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