Psychological Tricks that Everyone Should Know

Psychological Tricks that Everyone Should Know

While the Internet is full of nonsensical amateur psychology tips that are best ignored, there are, nonetheless, certain psychological tricks that everyone can use to their advantage.

Here are a few that can serve you well in both social and business situations.

Making eye contact is an excellent technique to can make the people you meet feel friendly toward you, and confident that you are an agreeable person. If you take note of a person’s eye color when you’re introduced, it’s a simple way to establish eye contact and create positive feeling.

If you need to schedule an interview, try to make it for the beginning or end of the day. People have the clearest memories of the first and last things that happen to them during a day. Avoid the middle of the day, since important details from your conversation could be lost.

If you want to know what people are thinking, look at their feet. If you approach two people in conversation and their bodies turn toward you while their feet turn away, you might want to find someone else to chat with. Anytime someone is facing you and their feet are pointing away, it’s a safe bet that they want to escape.

If you’re trying to ferret out a secret relationship, keep an eye out when everyone in a group starts laughing. People tend to instinctively glance at the person in the group they feel closest to.

Keep in mind that silence has power. If you ask a question and don’t get the answer you want, remain silent and maintain eye contact. This will unnerve the other person, and they’re likely to feel pressured to keep talking.

If you know someone is going to be out to get you in a meeting, sit next to them.  Your closeness will make them feel less comfortable with acting aggressively.

When you meet a new person, you should do more than remember their name. Use their name in conversation, and they’ll likely find you extremely charming.

If you have a date, plan an activity that stimulates adrenalin. Go on crazy rides at an amusement park or see a scary movie. Adrenalin stimulates arousal in the brain and leads people to believe they are enjoying your company.

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