Avoid These Behaviors and Don’t Miss “No Sale” Signals

Avoid These Behaviors and Don’t Miss “No Sale” Signals

There’s nary a salesperson oblivious to the signs that a prospect is about to say yes.

But a good salesperson needs to recognize less welcome signals as well. These signals are predominantly unspoken, and salespeople should be attentive to a client’s nonverbal cues. Moreover, there are a number of behaviors that are likely to have customers signaling no even when you think a “yes” is forthcoming.

Many prospects are turned off by transparent small talk and feigned friendliness. Insincere manipulation is never welcome, and is obvious to the victim.  A prospect who feels manipulated will withdraw. Strive to create a genuine connection with your customers.

Prospects hate it when the salesperson makes a decision for them. It gives the impression that you don’t trust them to have the ability to make a decision for themselves. Offer them choices, and help narrow their possibilities, but don’t tell them what they should buy.

Pushiness is the cardinal sin of sales, and nothing can send a prospect running for the hills faster. Making a sale may be a matter of urgency for you, but the prospect does not feel the same way. If you push to hard, the customer will back off. More than likely, you’ll find out later that a colleague got the business.

Many salespeople drop the ball by failing to respond to a customer’s questions. You might be so eager to impart the information you think is important that you fail to register their concerns. Listen carefully, and give your customers the information they want, and not just the information you think they need.

Also be aware that some customers might feel insecure if they don’t know a lot about the product they’re buying. They may be intimidated by your greater knowledge, so control the urge to show off.

Failing to follow through is also another black hole into which you would rather not fall. If you promise to send your customer information, do it and do it promptly. Attentive service and quick response are things that every client remembers.

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