Remember Anyone’s Name

Remember Anyone’s Name

It’s happened to us all, some more than others.

You’re at a party or a networking event. An acquaintance whose name you can’t remember for the life of you approaches. Any minute, you’re going to have to introduce this nameless person to your companion. What could be more embarrassing?

But now, there’s a way to avoid this horror.  The next time you go to a party and meet new people, you’re going to remember their names.  Practice before the main event. Try your strategy out on the bartender, for example. Ask his name, and then a follow-on question such as where he’s from.  So his name is Joe, and he’s from Jacksonville. Immediately, repeat the name and make an association. For example, Joe from Jacksonville makes a mean martini.

So, you repeat the name and association. Focus, listen intently to the name, repeat it, and get some information that will allow you to make an association. If you can employ alliteration, it will be all the better for you.

Here’s another trick. If you’ve had a pleasant interaction, try asking for an email and suggest getting together for coffee sometime. Emails are oftentimes some variation on the name.

When you’ve got the name, maybe you can use a rhyming scheme to remember it. It may be a cliché, but if you meet a girl named Mary she might be quite contrary.

Physical associations can also be very helpful. Imagine you meet a fellow named Bernie who is tall, heavy set and a bit red in the face. Perhaps he has a habit like licking his lips. Maybe that reminds you of a dog – a Saint Bernard! Bernie the Bernard. There you go.

But now, let’s really clinch the deal. Introduce your new friend Bernie the Bernard to someone else.  Perhaps a lady named Denise. And she works at the front desk in your office.  Review as you meet new people – Joe from Jacksonville makes a mean martini, and Bernie the Bernard is talking to Denise from the Desk….    Repeat a few times, and you’re sure to remember your new friends’ names the next time you meet.

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