Avoid Unwitting Faux Pas at Holiday Parties

Avoid Unwitting Faux Pas at Holiday Parties

The holiday season is replete with merriment, but hidden pitfalls await the unwary among the festive round of parties.

If you’re going to be the guest that everyone talks about, take a few precautions to make sure that you’re in the spotlight for a good reason.

Good manners start with how your respond to an invitation. If there’s an RSVP date, respond by the date indicated. The RSVP is requested for a reason – your host or hostess needs to know how many guests to expect. If the invitation doesn’t mention a guest, don’t bring one. And never assume it’s ok to bring the kids without asking first.

While punctuality usually refers to not being late, where parties are concerned it’s a crime to arrive early. If preparations are still underway, you’ll be underfoot and your hosts will be stressed. If you can see that you’re going to be early, stop for a coffee or go for a walk around the block.

Once you’ve arrived, the fun starts. It can be awkward when you don’t know anyone, but avoid the urge to cling to your host. He or she has to mingle with all the guests, and you can’t expect to be the center of attention. Don’t stare at your phone or sit in a corner. Parties are for mingling. So mingle. If you’re feeling shy, offer to give your host a hand. Passing a tray of appetizers around can be a great way to meet people.

Part of being a good guest involves contributing to a congenial atmosphere. That means you should contribute to the conversation without introducing contentious topics like politics. The last thing your host wants is a blue vs. red brawl under the Christmas tree. Keep your conversations light and amusing.

Finally, when you’re ready to go home, don’t forget to find your hosts and offer your thanks for the invitation. Gracious and appreciative guests get invited back.

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