Quit Complaining Already!

Quit Complaining Already!

Life’s not always a bowl of cherries, and we all have days when it seems like things just couldn’t get any worse.

Sometimes talking about the trouble seems to make us feel better, and we enjoy the sense of relief it brings. But complaining often serves to focus us on our problems rather than relieve them.

Everyone has a choice. The one thing we all have power over is the mind. We can choose to focus on negativity, or we can choose to focus on things that strengthen us. We have the power to let go of the things that impede our progress in life.  Complaining does nothing but stand in the way of the things we want to achieve.

Complaining reaffirms negativity. When you complain, you train your mind to focus on what is unwanted. The mind becomes accustomed to negativity and this fosters more negative experiences.

Complaints, as they direct your attention to the negative aspects of life, turn you away from positivity. The complainer is increasingly unaware of positive factors in his or her life, and becomes less able to appreciate these aspects of life – even when there may be plenty of positive aspects to appreciate.

Complaining drives others away. No one wants to be around a shleprock who constantly moans. Complainers become associated with negativity, and people try to avoid them and the negative emotions they engender in others.

Even worse, focusing on the negative and complaining often results in more of the same. Instead of complaining, acknowledge the negative emotions and accept the fact that your situation is not as you would have wished. But instead of complaining, shift your focus to think about what you do want. Focus is a critical factor in success. Negativity and complaining will make you take your eye off the ball.

Many people think that external circumstances are to blame for their failures. But is the response to circumstances, more than circumstances themselves, that cause success or failure.  Banish negative patterns of thinking and stop complaining. Nurture the thought that everything that happens in life can be a source of empowerment.  Take control of your thoughts and responses, banish complaints and negative thinking, and enjoy the transformation.

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