LinkedIn: Your Go-To Source for Niche Marketing

LinkedIn: Your Go-To Source for Niche Marketing

When you’re thinking about niched marketing, LinkedIn should be one of the first sources you consider.

It can be a tremendous help in identifying niche prospects, determining your connection, and reaching out to them.

It’s best to approach LinkedIn by identifying a starting point. Don’t jump in cold: look at your existing books of business and your existing LinkedIn connections for commonalities. Even a few can lead to creating a niche.

Brand Yourself by Niche: Perhaps you’d like to become the advisor of choice for employees of a particular company. Make that obvious on your LinkedIn profile. Depending on how much you want to emphasize this facet of your practice, you can put the information in your headline, your summary, your experience, and your groups. If that’s overkill and you don’t want to discourage other clients, choose only one or two of these options.

Finding Niche Prospects: LinkedIn offers a treasure trove of opportunity. When you identify one client within a niche, look at their connections and voila! You can narrow your search by focusing on job title or geographic location. And when you meet with a current niche client, ask for an introduction to one or two others from their network. If you have a good relationship, they’re very likely to agree.

An advanced search through your entire expanded network can yield excellent results. At the top of the screen, beside the search bar, there is a link to use this feature. This feature makes it possible to search LinkedIn for everyone who meets a specific criterion, for example job title, company, or university. Then go from there to look for more inroads to connection.

Advertising: LinkedIn also allows for targeted advertising. For example, you could target doctors within a certain distance of your practice and do so for a reasonable price. One new contact will justify the price.

Publish Content: Another way to stand out in front of the right people is to publish value added content directed toward members of your niche. Since the content is specifically targeted, it will grab attention and position you as an expert for the clients you seek to attract.

Groups: By joining a group of users with similar interests, you can also immediately access new contacts from your chosen niche. You can also create a group, but that may require more effort for lower yield. It’s more efficient to tap into the resource that already exists.

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