Time Management Tips to Help You Work Smarter

Time Management Tips to Help You Work Smarter

Everyone wants to be more productive.

Unfortunately, many of us get caught up in the notion that if we’re busy, we must be productive. But frenetic activity doesn’t always generate the results that we’d like. Sometimes it’s not how hard we work, but rather how smart we work, that yields the optimal result.

It’s important to look at your day in terms of simplifying your tasks and making it easier for yourself to achieve your objectives. Prioritizing your tasks is an important first step – perhaps the golden rule of time management. Know what is critical and get that done first. If you complete the most critical tasks, your day is already a success. As you prioritize, say no to demands on your time, which aren’t mission critical. Focus on the task at hand. Close those browser windows, put your smartphone in a drawer and keep your eye on the ball.

Starting early is always a boon. We all love to procrastinate, some more than others. But procrastination leads to stress, which erodes productivity. Once you have critical tasks under control, get a head start on projects that you might be tempted to put aside. If there are regular jobs that you are tempted to put off, create a slot in your schedule to make them a habit.

It’s also important to schedule your time so you can keep on track and monitor your progress. Give yourself a time limit to complete each particular task and stick to it, but give yourself some buffer time to give yourself room to think. And be sure to schedule regular breaks to keep your mind fresh.

Setting time limits can also keep you on track. If you don’t, an open-ended schedule can find you wandering off down rabbit holes chasing after random ideas. If you’re on the clock, it will keep you honest.

We all have a lot of wasted time built into our daily schedules: commuting, waiting for appointments, etc. That’s time that can be spent profitably. For example, the daily commute can offer the opportunity to do work-essential reading. Even in line at the post office you can read business-relevant news on your smartphone.

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