Don’t Make Black Tie an “Option”

Don’t Make Black Tie an “Option”

If you’re planning a formal affair, your guests should have one plea for you.

Never, ever include “black tie optional” on the invitation. You may be trying to be considerate or accommodating, but this is no favor to anyone. Really, do you want an elegant formal event or some sort of horror show that looks like the illegitimate offspring of the senior prom and the office Christmas party?

“What’s the problem?” you ask. Well, this is the problem. First and foremost, note the effect mentioned above. Do you want your event photographs to look like they belong in a book about Cary Grant? Guys dressed for a board meeting or job interview are not going to foster that atmosphere.

So maybe you were trying to be kind, thinking that not everyone has a dinner jacket (Do not use the term “tuxedo.” That word is not used among the stiffer element). However well intended, you are not doing your guests a kindness. You are creating a situation in which they will be forced to make a choice. Men have enough choices to make. Worrying about what to wear doesn’t need to be one of them. And think of the poor fellows who opt for a suit and have to spend the evening standing around next to James Bloody Bond. NOT a boost to the old self-esteem, that’s for sure.

And last but certainly not least, ladies love a man dressed like 007. So for the love of God, do yourselves and your guests a favor. Black tie. No options.

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