London City Airport Goes Upscale

London City Airport Goes Upscale

While London’s City Airport is the closest airfield to the Square Mile and offers convenient access to all of London, it’s rarely been the first choice of travelers.
Now though, significant renovations have made it a popular destination for private flights.

The Private Jet Centre makes it possible for passengers to be met at the ramp along with their luggage. It takes a mere 90 seconds for passengers to clear customs and be seated in a car that whisks them to a new first class lounge. While travelers enjoy luxurious lounge facilities and refreshments, immigration formalities are expedited. Departing passengers enjoy the same level of service, nibbling on dainties while a private security team takes care of formalities. No lines, no fuss with luggage, and an escort straight to the aircraft steps; nothing could be easier.

A short runway and steep angles for approach and departure require special certifications, as takeoffs and landings are more challenging. However, given the convenient location and level of service, it’s future as a popular destination for private jets is assured.

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