Communicating with Affluent Clients

Communicating with Affluent Clients

Given the importance of affluent clients to a successful practice, it behooves the advisor to learn to communicate in a way that will resonate with this segment of the population.

It’s a delicate balance to combine socializing with prospecting for business. While generating new business is the goal, it takes a certain amount of finesse to avoid coming off as too obvious or too aggressive. Nobody wants to be “that guy” at social events, but it’s critical to avoid missing ripe opportunities.

It’s always about the potential client, and one way to keep their interests in focus is to use the 3C method. The first C involves being concise. Don’t talk too much about yourself or your accomplishments. Keep your stories short and amusing, stay on point, and don’t beat around the bush with too much introductory phrasing.

Learn to be conversational. It’s important to know what you want to say, but avoid sounding scripted or like a know-it-all. While it’s wise to plan what you might like to say, your words need to be delivered in a conversational manner. Ask a colleague to roleplay with you, and practice until you feel natural. Most importantly, listen. When people feel that someone is listening to them, they are more likely to listen back.

The real booster to your communication skills is confidence. If you are nervous, it transmits to the people around you and makes them uncomfortable. Watch your body language: look the person with whom you are speaking in the eye and don’t fidget. If you are clear, compelling and confident with an easy converational manner, you’ll never end up as “that girl” or “that guy.”

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