Good Leaders Know that Emotion Matters

Good Leaders Know that Emotion Matters

If you make a list of the leaders you admire the most, it’s a good bet that your emotional response plays a role in your respect.

Great leaders know how to reach people in a way that goes beyond the rational. The ability to not just around admiration, but to inspire, is rooted in emotion.

Although this ability can be learned to some extent, it is primarily a gift. Not everyone can be a leader, and there’s no substitute for charisma and an innate ability to lead. But everyone can learn skills that will enhance their inborn abilities.

Emotional intelligence is a critical component of leadership. Leaders are empathetic; they have the ability to understand the needs and desires of others. Because they understand, they can speak to these needs and fulfill then. When people feel that they are understood, they feel a bond with their leader.

Good leaders also know that learning never stops. The good leader is no know-it-all. He is she is curious, intellectually engaged, and always eager to do better. They also know how to assess a situation, and make decisions that are appropriate to the conditions at hand.

While many people might suggest that leadership is about control, the best leaders know how to cede control and let people just get on with it. A leader is secure, and not threatened by empowering others.

Leaders have good characters. Their honesty inspires trust, and sets the bar of integrity for those they lead. And typically, they are nice. Kindness and respect go a long way toward inspiring others, while arrogance sounds the death knell for inspiration. Leaders respect the people they lead. Collaboration and partnership also foster leadership, as shared goals and mutual effort build relationships and respect. Real leaders know that it’s integral to lead from the heart as well as the mind.

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