Some Tourist Traps are Actually Worth Your Time

Some Tourist Traps are Actually Worth Your Time

When you’re on holiday, the last thing you want to do is spend half a day in line, fainting under the burning sun and surrounded by tourists with bum bags, waiting to see some overhyped, underwhelming bit of nonsense out of a sense of duty. “I can’t miss Times Square….”

You know what? Real New Yorkers HATE Times Square. Nobody goes there unless they have business there. There are plenty of tourist traps in the world that offer a similarly disappointing experience. But in this world, there are some things for which you should brave the barbarous hordes. Sometimes, places really do live up to the hype. Here are a few:

The Great Wall of China – It’s the largest man-made structure ever built. You can see it from space. It’s 2000 miles long. It’s an amazing testament to human achievement.

The Eiffel Tower – This is perhaps the most stereotypical landmark in Paris and sure to be heaving with tourists. Nonetheless, the view from the top can’t be beat. The view alone makes braving the crowds worthwhile.

The Taj Mahal – Princess Diana recognized the power of this powerful icon, and you should too. Not only is it a breathtaking testament to a man’s love for his wife, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s also under major threat from pollution and erosion. Go while you can.

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