Stylish New Developments for Storing Wine

Stylish New Developments for Storing Wine

The musty underground wine vault is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Today’s wine connoisseurs are looking for options that allow easy access. In fact, wine storage is becoming more of a decorative element in its own right. According to Andee Hess of Osmose Design, “storage is taking a more prominent place in homes these days.” Clients want to easily rotate and store bottles, and he recommends linear shelving that makes it possible to store bottles on the side with labels facing outward.

Not everyone has the space for significant wine storage, but no matter what size space you have allocated for the purpose, temperature is critical. Jamie Ritchie, head of Sotheby’s global wine business, notes that 55 degrees is the ideal temperature. In the absence of a cellar, smaller temperature-controlled storage units are a very workable solution. Liebherr offers the HWG 1803 wine storage cabinet, which measures just shy of 18 inches high. Perfect for tight spaces, the cabinet will keep a collection of 18 bottles at the optimal temperature.

If you have more significant space but still don’t want to install a complete cellar, Sub-Zero offers a unit that accommodates up to 102 bottles in two separately controlled compartments. It’s safe to say that whatever your taste and budget, there are more ways than ever to make wine storage a prominent and stylish focal point in your home décor.

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