Body Language Secrets for Success

Body Language Secrets for Success

Whether we intend it or not, our body language tells others a great deal about us.

In fact, our bodies may be sending messages that run counter not only our intentions, but our best interests as well. Studies have shown that highly successful people are high in emotional intelligence. Consequently, they are more likely to be attuned to the messages their bodies send to the people around them.

Emotionally intelligent people are aware that the way they stand makes an impression. Taking up space is a sign of power, and good posture commands respect. Slouching demonstrates disrespect and causes you to take up less space, which projects less power.

Turning away from people you are engaged with is another killer mistake. This shows that you are not engaged and not interested. Watching the clock is just as bad, and demonstrates disrespect. Crossed arms create a physical barrier to keep your interlocutors at bay. Create a better and more effective impression by facing the person you’re speaking to, and even lean toward them.

Body language also suggests whether you’re being honest or not. Exaggerated gestures can create the impression that you’re stretching the truth, while facial expressions that seem inconsistent with your words also suggest that something is not quite right. Avoiding eye contact is often a giant red flat, as it makes you look like you have something to hide.

Body language can also convey confidence, or make you look weak. Don’t look down when you speak, as you can seem self-conscious. If you’re trying to make a particularly important point, it’s especially important to keep your head up. Fidgeting also conveys nervousness and lack of confidence, and let’s not even talk about how a less-than-firm handshake can make you appear weak.

It’s also important to control your body language to keep from appearing to be too aggressive. Respect others’ personal space, as standing too close can be perceived as overtly hostile. Overly intent eye contact is also perceived as aggressive. Breaking eye contact by looking down suggests submission, while looking sideways projects confidence.

By paying close attention to the way you hold yourself, move and behave during interactions can go a long way toward helping you project yourself in a positive way. Successful people know that body language matters.

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