How to Win Corner Office Clients

How to Win Corner Office Clients

Every advisor wants to hook the big fish, the C-suite investors who have complex planning and investing needs.

These clients, though, expect a lot from the professionals they engage. A recent survey of senior corporate executives (SCEs) conducted by Spectrum Group offers some valuable insights for advisors who want to work with these exacting clients.

According to the survey, SCEs are more likely than other high net worth (HNW) individuals to seek the services of an advisor. Nearly half of the executives surveyed reported working with an advisor, as compared to 38% of other HNW individuals. Moreover, these executives consider themselves to be more advisor-assisted than advisor dependent, and enjoy actively collaborating with their advisors.

Slightly more than half of the SCEs surveyed reported that they enjoy investing and don’t want to give it up, and consequently it comes as no surprise that as a group they are much more actively engaged with their advisors. However, despite their increased willingness to work with advisors, they are more likely than other HNW clients to have less faith in their advisors’ knowledge and ability. This is very likely due to their confidence in their own knowledge and abilities. Much of the desire to work with advisors comes down to bandwidth; senior executives simply don’t have the time to manage their own finances and do all of the work involved. They delegate to advisors in the same way they delegate responsibilities to other employees.

While social media and mobile technology are not yet regular means of communication between most HNW clients and their advisors, senior executives are more likely to communicate with advisors through these channels. They’re also significantly more likely to use technology to conduct financial business.

The study suggests that advisors will win C-suite business only if they can clearly demonstrate their value. Given the level of knowledge these clients possess, advisors should offer strong ideas and back them with solid facts.

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