Trump Vs. Clinton Vineyards: It’s Not Just Politics

Trump Vs. Clinton Vineyards: It’s Not Just Politics

With the presidential campaign in full swing, there’s more to debate than policy positions.

When you settle down in front of the TV to watch the next debate, you can pour yourself a glass of Trump Winery 2015 Chardonnay or Clinton Vineyard’s 2015 Seyval Blanc.

The Trump Vineyard is indeed owned by the Trump Family, and has been operated by Trump scion Eric since 2011. Located in Virginia, the birthplace of American winemaking, the vast estate is situated just a few miles from Monticello in the hills outside Charlottesville. The chardonnay is made completely from estate-grown grapes, and aged 90% in stainless steel and 10% in French oak.

Representing the Democratic side of the ticket is Clinton Vineyards. Although not owned by Bill and Hillary, the estate is located in Hillary’s home state of New York. Owner Phyllis Feder is an enthusiastic Clinton supporter, and in fact Clinton Vineyards wine was served at President Bill Clinton’s first inaugural dinner. The vineyard holds regular fundraisers for Hillary.

The Robb Report sponsored a blind taste test with tasters asked to identify which wine was which. Most of the testers guessed correctly based on their knowledge of chardonnay’s characteristics, which include citrus notes and a creamy finish. Some of the tasters were fans of the Seyval Blanc’s fruity notes, although others found the wine too sweet. The chardonnay also drew its share of criticism, with some testers citing a tinny taste. Ultimately, the results were close with Clinton edging out Trump by a few votes. Time will tell whether this was a harbinger of things to come.

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