Counter-Intuitive Life Lessons That Everyone Should Learn

Counter-Intuitive Life Lessons That Everyone Should Learn

Some conclusions we draw in life seem obvious, or a function of common sense.

However, sometimes what we think is obvious is not. There are even certain important lessons to learn that fly in the face of what we consider to be conventional wisdom. These are some of the most useful lessons we can learn.

Let’s talk about confidence. Many people believe that they would be more confident if they were better looking, had more money, or weighed less. But linking your confidence to some external factor is a recipe for failure. External factors can change. Beauty fades, money can be lost. Confidence is a quality that starts from the inside, and when your confidence is based on internal factors nothing can take it away from you.

Many of us spend a great deal of time and effort trying to gain the favor of others. Of course it’s nice to be liked, but it’s not a worthwhile expenditure of time to try winning over people who don’t like you. It’s a fact of life that not everyone will like you. In the time you spend chasing someone who isn’t responding, you could make several other new friends.

While being the “best” at something is a common aspiration, sometimes it’s better to be really good at two things rather than the “best” at one. It’s called diversification. Take Neil Degrasse Tyson as an example. While he is a gifted scientist in the field of astrophysics, he’s not at the absolute pinnacle of the field. However, he has another talent as well – the ability to take a very complex topic and make it interesting, entertaining and accessible. The combination of two talents has led him to a very rewarding career. As individuals reach higher levels of achievement in a specific field, growth starts to slow and it becomes increasingly difficult to reach the next level. If you differentiate yourself by developing a new, complementary skill, it can lead to new and exciting directions.

In the event of an emergency, airline passengers are instructed to put their own oxygen masks on before they help children or others. The point is that sometimes you have to help yourself first to be able to help others. The ability to help others comes from a position of strength, and building that strength may require you to focus on your own needs and development first.

On the topic of helping others, remember that it’s not always a quid pro quo. Help people that can’t help you today. Kindness is a reward in itself, and generous acts should demand no consideration in return. Consider it a deposit in the karma bank. Particularly in business, you’re building capital for the future. People remember acts of kindness and generosity, and sometimes it comes back to you when you least expect it.

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