Fortune Telling: Reading Your Prospects’ Thoughts

Fortune Telling: Reading Your Prospects’ Thoughts

When prospecting for clients, how much easier would it be if you could read their minds?

Our featured author believes you can. He provides an intriguing hint right off the bat: when you talk, prospects wince, but when they talk, their endorphins flow. Potential clients like it when you listen, because your agenda doesn’t interest them very much – indeed, likely not at all. 

You might think they’d be interested in the products and services you have on offer. Naturally, they are – but something more important has to take place before they sign the line and hand over their hard-won cash. Connection, understanding, a personal bond: call it what you will, but trust is impossible without this beginning. Your earliest conversations must bear fruit in this regard – if they don’t, no sale.

How do you manage it? Ask the prospect questions. Listen with real attention and care to their answers. Encourage them to reveal more. Funny thing about sincerity: it blossoms naturally if it’s authentic. If you have any difficulty on this point, consider why you got into the business in the first place. If you aren’t honestly determined to help people attain their financial goals, you’re taking a mighty risky career path. 

Talking is easy because you can better prepare for it and easily rehearse. A good listener must be on their toes at every moment, although the traditional preparation and run-throughs will help hone your skills. 

Asking questions works well in any nerve-wracking social setting: if you find yourself tongue-tied over the  hors d’oeuvres, the greatest escape trick is to lob a few pleasant queries. What brought you here? How do you know our host? What’s your line of work? Do you enjoy life in our city? This easy approach works socially and is equally effective when trolling for leads. 

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