Advisor’s Expertise: A Pre-Vacation Checklist

Advisor’s Expertise: A Pre-Vacation Checklist

Here it comes: the sweet, blessed release of your summer vacation.

Before you go, you’ll need to get in touch with clients. Our linked author has developed a list of things to do and those to avoid, thereby saving you the trouble. We love it when someone else does the work to help us get organized.

First the simple part: tell your customers when you’ll be away and when you’ll return, refreshed and ready to serve them. If you’re used to sharing personal matters with a client, go ahead and tell them about your plans. Be careful, though: don’t give the idea that you’ll be basking in luxury, even if that’s just what you intend. It’s funny how people can take the financial success of others as a somehow dirty trick. Just say you’ll be at the beach with your family – no need to mention the helicopter rides or tennis lessons with Serena.

Crucially, assure that comprehensive coverage arrangements are in place and clearly presented to customers. Most ordinary tasks can be delayed a week or two – but you cannot predict when a financial emergency will strike a client. At the very least, making solid arrangements to provide service in your absence should be taken well by clients.

Beyond some fetching swim trunks and a swanky new pair of shades (careful not to brag about the price tag), don’t forget to pack a full set of contact information for all of your clients. If the market should do something nasty while you’re away, you may have to spring into action. It most certainly can happen.

Finally, no matter how much you resent or detest it, call the office every day. There’s no need to stir up trouble and your loyal admin will likely shield you from petty annoyances. It’s simply a matter of not missing anything vital. We think the odds for a restful, no-drama vacation are in your favor. But it pays to take care.

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