Good Ways to Make Face-to-Face Meetings Happen

Good Ways to Make Face-to-Face Meetings Happen

Let’s starts off with a trenchant point: despite the changes brought by the digital marketplace, big business is done face-to-face.

To sign a strong client, you need to build understanding – that’s the foundation for trust, which in turn forms the essential bond for a successful long-term partnership. That process begins when you meet in person, whether over lunch or in a more formal setting.

How do you get there? What skills and techniques are needed to book these important personal get-togethers? Start off by being the active party, our expert counsels. Don’t wait for your prospect to contact you – take the first step and don’t be reticent about being persistent. The first contact is unlikely to get you a face-to-face meeting. Keep at it.

What channels should you use to contact them – email, social media, the tried-and-true telephone? Answer: all of them. Be careful not to smother them with generic boilerplate – everyone is inundated with the stuff and heartily sick of it. Instead, learn to personalize your approach to each prospect – that’s the key to successful communications today.

It never hurts to be creative. Here’s an example: an advisor wanted more lawyers in his client book, so he called them up, asked their hourly rate and booked them. They got paid to attend a free lunch; the advisor gained access to his preferred client prospects. It pays to be clever and unafraid to spend a few dollars to earn solid business.

Prospective clients will sometimes reach out to you. How can you improve your odds? It helps if your name is in the public, so consider regular blogging on your specialty, speak frequently at industry and community gatherings, or simply learn how to improve your visibility to search engines via optimization techniques.

For more practical advice on how to catch a prospect’s eye, click through the link below.

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