The Elite Advisor – How to Take Your Game to the Top

The Elite Advisor – How to Take Your Game to the Top

Our featured writer begins by asking if you want to be rich – he assumes your answer is affirmative, and we will concur.

Congratulations, he says – we’re talking about Matt Oechsli, author of Building a Successful 21st Century Financial Practice: Attracting, Servicing & Retaining Affluent Clients, one of our favorite books from the end  of the last century – you’ve chosen the right profession to make a fair go of it. All you have to do is make yourself one of the elite. Ready?

Matt probes further: do you have the basic skills in place? Can you call a prospect recommended by someone you know, but who you’ve never met? This isn’t really a cold call, as you’ll have been properly briefed by your friend or colleague before making first contact. Nevertheless, it’s tricky to pull off with confidence and flair, but it’s a constant in the business. If you can manage it, read further.

Outsiders may not realize, but to succeed in the financial advisory business, you must be able to make people like you. Not in any glib sense, for certain. The matter involves the ability to make profound connections with people based on true understanding and honest communication. That’s where trust begins and without trust, your client relationships won’t go anywhere.

What about the skill of socializing for business? This means committing your time to participating in social, professional, entertainment and charitable activities that put you in proximity with the people you want to sign as clients. It ain’t as easy as it sounds: insincerity is visible at some distance, as is discomfort, boredom or disengagement. You’ll need to be in love with your work, if you want to succeed.

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