Advisor’s Expertise: Targeted Digital Marketing

Advisor’s Expertise: Targeted Digital Marketing

Here’s a tale that’s becoming ever more common today: a firm rolls out a new investment product aimed at a highly specific class of investors – in the case presented, corporate bigwigs holding concentrated stock positions.

How can a  company market its product to reach the targeted group and avoid bothering anyone unsuitable – in essence, separate the wheat from the chaff?

The company in question knew who they wanted, but not how to connect. They did the right thing: instead of floundering around in hopes of developing the right strategy, the brought in the experts. In this case, they hired digital marketer Dynasty, which had the databases, algorithms and savvy ready to hand. Our company invested $7,000 in their digital campaign.

What did they get for their money? Dynasty knew how to place ads offering a whitepaper on their client’s product on just the sort of websites the targeted executives frequent. In the end, the digital marketing campaign earned our company ten new clients. Was this result worth their $7,000? Those ten honest clients held a total of $100 million in assets – two golden handfuls, in our estimation. A pretty good return, we’d say.

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This kind of targeted digital campaign once seemed like a pipe dream, but the specialist advertisers are finally getting it right. Drop in on Amazon to shop for anything – office equipment, dress shoes, finance books, luxury cat food – and you’ll immediately begin seeing related adverts on your social media pages and just about anything you read. Targeted advertising, far from being the amorphous digital threat once touted, makes ads interesting for the viewer, and keeps the advertisers from wasting effort and adspend on uninterested viewers.

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