Advertise to Attract HNW Clients – On Any Budget

Advertise to Attract HNW Clients – On Any Budget

An advisor can’t turn around at a professional function these days without spilling his or her drink (club soda, we’re certain) on a millionaire.

There’s never been more million-packing potential clients in America than at present and ten years of stock market performance and the recent economic recovery are glad to accept your thanks.

Let’s get to the heart of it: how do you rope these high-net-worth clients, particularly if you’re a small advisory without the ducat pile of the big firms? Indeed, most HNW clients are already in the hands of a few big-time wirehouses. Our featured author says not to worry: advisories of all stripes can successfully compete for the fat cats.

How is it done? Start with your company’s website. You need a clear message and your interface must be seamless and a model of user-friendliness (enough with the pop-ups, please). Sales-speak fools no one and wastes everyone’s time. Respect your potential clients’ intelligence and discernment when presenting your case for their business. They’ll likely find it refreshing.

Targeted digital advertising campaigns are the way of today. Don’t be afraid to engage specialist firms to construct your campaign. The cost of reaching your target audience – while avoiding the waste of time and effort involved in talking to the wrong people – is within the reach of almost any advisory.

Before anything else, you must understand what HNW investors are looking for when they engage an advisor. Tax matters are always paramount, along with asset protection, charitable giving and estate planning for the far future. Keep your eyes on those prizes and you’ll avoid wasting your targeted audience’s precious time.

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