Is Golf an Effective Workout?

Is Golf an Effective Workout?

Golf has been called a great way to spoil a nice day’s walk.

Players can argue the point all day – I’ve heard them do it – but what we really need to know is this: is it an effective workout? Doctors recommend walking as perhaps the best form of low-impact exercise, but the naysayers are legion. Let’s take a gander and see where the ball lies.

If you spend the day playing a full 18-hole round of golf, that should mean a five-mile walk – check the course map for the precise distance. Taking your strokes gets your arms involved and you’ll be twisting and stretching your torso, too. That already sounds like a pretty good workout to me.

Experts believe this effort equates to a 30-minute gym session, something much more intense and painful than a round of golf. You must eschew the cart (a bit too much of the fun for many golfers) to gain the benefits, but walking the course can burn as many as 1,500 calories – a remarkable amount equaling around 60% of the average adult’s daily intake.

The cart needs to go, but you don’t need to carry your burdensome clubs (or torture the caddy) all day long. Rolling your bag on a trolley makes the workout only a tad less strenuous and you can still count on the calorie burn. So spare your aching shoulders without remorse.

Here’s something to mull while strolling along the fairway: the heavier you are (I did not say fat), the more calories you burn. If you’re lugging extra weight around, you’re working harder than those lean-muscled guys and gals. As a full-figured sort of fellow, I find this both comforting and satisfying. Take care when the game is finished, though: don’t let your satisfying workout turn into a celebratory pig-out in the clubhouse lunchroom.

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